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Maya Lin - Systematic Landscapes


Maya Lin. 2x4 Landscape. 2006. Photo by Collen Chartier.
2x4 Landscape 
состоит из 55 тысяч реек размером 2"х4"  two-by-four (или тубайферов, как говорил один знакомый)

Photo: arcspace
Maya Lin Environmental Art Piece

Photo: arcspace

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
" Vietnam Veterans Memorial," Washington, D.C., 1982. Black granite, each wall: 246 feet long 10 1/2 feet high
Она спроектировала стену в то время, когда была еще студенткой Йеля, в 21 год.

The names of 57,000 Americans who died in the Vietnam War are listed on the wall of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the order in which they fell.

<i>Reading a Garden</i>  at the Cleveland Public Library, a collaboration with Maya Lin's  brother, the poet Tan Lin.
Reading a Garden at the Cleveland Public Library

Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery, Alabama.
Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery, Alabama.

Montgomery, AL : The Civil Rights Memorial, designed by Maya Lin, honors those killed during the struggle for civil rights for all Americans.

The Wave Field
"The Wave Field," 1995. Shaped earth; 100 x 100 feet. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

located next to and completes the François-Xavier Bagnoud Building, which opened in 1993


Peace Chapel
It occupies a 14-acre site within the 170-acre Baker-Henry Nature Preserve. Located near the Juniata College campus

Maya Lin's Wanas: 11 Minute Line, an earthwork in Sweden, 2004. Courtesy of the artist.

Confluence Project
Maya Lin’s earthly concerns (Los Angeles Times) 
Tags: art, installation, landart, sculpture, ~usa

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