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For What Was I Created?


lemewsee:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />William Holbrook Beard, For What Was I Created?, ca. 1886, Oil on canvas, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn<br /><br /><br />From the National Museum of Wildlife Art website:<br /><br /><br />Beard became an immensely popular animal painter, and he painted a large variety of animals, favoring rabbits, cats, monkeys, squirrels, and especially bears. Both lauded and criticized for his humorous satires, he often substituted animals for humans in his visual social commentary. He represented the condition of man and universal concerns by painting allegorical and fantasy subjects. He also produced work drawn from high and low literature, depicting characteristics of jealousy, pride, drunkenness, and greed.

William Holbrook Beard, For What Was I Created?, ca. 1886, Oil on canvas, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn 

Вильям Берд (1824 - 1900) всю жизнь рисовал зверей 

Wall Street Jubilee, or The Bears of Wall Street Celebrating a Drop in the Stock Market. 

So You Wanna Get Married, Eh'? 1886 

Discovery of Adam , 1891 

The Power of Death. 

The Bulls and Bears in the Market 



Little Accident 

Little Accident 

Making Game of the Hunter


School Rules.

Могила Вильяма Берда на Кладбище Гринвуд. 
Пролежал 102 года в необозначенной могиле, этот памятник установили только в 2002 году 



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